1 – Booking & Payment


– Booking Process


All booking requests must be confirmed by us before any rental period is booked. The clients will only get final confirmation of their booking after we double-check and confirm the rental period is free and we receive confirmation the clients have paid the required deposit.


The deposit amount is as follows:


– 150.00 Euro for low and medium season


– 200.00 Euro for the high season


We will then request the final payment to be made 45 days (6 weeks) before your arrival.


Rental period


Except low season period when arrival and departure days can be different, the minimum rental period is one week and runs from Saturday to Saturday.


– Payment


Once we receive a booking request and we check the period is free for rental, we then send an email back requesting the booking deposit to be made before final confirmation. In this email will be a link which will redirect to a payment page on which the client will proceed with the payment.


All payment will be made electronically via PayPal secured payment service. Clients won’t need to have a PayPal accounts but will have to use their credit or debit card to make any payment.


Please note that you will see an additional fee appearing on the payment page. This represents the tax PayPal deducts from the transaction before the money appears on our account. We’ve added this fee at this stage in the eventuality you would cancel your booking within the next 7 days and we would therefore need to give you a full refund of your deposit.

However rest assure that this extra fee will be automatically deducted from the final payment we request 45 days before your arrival.


Please note that except your name, postal address and email address NO payment details will be transferred to us and WE WON’T have access to, nor will we keep records of, any bank details you provide during the transaction. This is all kept encrypted and recorded by PayPal on their secured servers.

However if you still have any concerns then please read the End User PayPal Privacy Statement on their site.


2 – Arrival and departure


– Arrival and Safety Deposit


Arrival at the cottage is between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm. During the booking we provide you a mobile phone number you need to call or text on the day to let us know your expected time of arrival. Failure to do so will mean the clients end up waiting for us half an hour to access the cottage.

At their arrival to the cottage the clients will be shown around and we will explain the various things they need to know to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

A 150.00 Euro safety deposit will be required upon your arrival which will cover any unfortunate damage to the property during your stay. This deposit will have to be made in cash and we will provide you with a receipt.

You will also let us know if you do the end of stay cleaning or if you prefer to get it done by a cleaner. The cleaning charge is 50.00 Euro and will be deducted from your 150.00 or 200.00 Euro cash safety deposit (provided no important damage occurred during your stay).


Bed Linen fee: We now automatically provide bed linen as we realised that bed sizes between England & France differ and therefore an increasing number of customers could not fit their UK king size sheets on our French king size beds. That way it means your room is now ready when you arrive. The bed linen charge is 15.00 Euro per bedroom per stay and represents the only extra cost to be paid on top of your booking. It will be deducted from your 150.00 Euro cash safety deposit (provided no important damage occurred during your stay).


– Departure


The cottage needs to be free by 10.00 am Saturday morning. On some special occasions UK clients can request to leave Friday evening if they need to catch an early boat. In that case this needs to be arranged with the agent on their arrival day at the cottage. Before you leave we will check no damage occurred during your stay and we will give you your deposit back minus the bed linen charge.


3 – Cancellation policy


A cancellation charge will be applied depending on the date the clients decide to cancel their booking.  The charge will be calculated as follows:


– Within 7 days of the booking: Full refund of the deposit (minus PayPal tax at payment)


– Between 7 days from the booking and 90 days before your arrival: 50% of the deposit minus PayPal tax at payment.


– Between 90 days and 45 days before your arrival: 100% of the deposit.


– Between 45 days and 48 hours before your arrival: 70% of the full rental price


– Within 48 hours before your arrival: 100% of the full rental price


4 – Insurance


Please note that it is the Client’s responsibility to make sure they have travel insurances which covers cancellation costs. The cancellation policy will apply even in the case of last minute unforeseen circumstances.